The Institute must have total area 3504 sq. mts. Land in which 2597.86 sq. mts. Land are build up area. Library There are a room for principal, administration, Library, Psychology, Science Lab, Music, E.T., SUPW, Art & Craft, Workshop, Four Class room, and one multiple hall and room also. There are games Facilities with a play ground. There is a lot of furniture for student.


There are a Library cum reading room including text and reference books relevant to the course of study, educational encyclopedia. There are a science laboratory. The laboratory have multiple sets of science apparatus. There are psychology laboratory with apparatus for simple experiments related to educational psychology. There are computers, T.V. Camera etc.


Safe Drinking Water to be provided in the institution. Sufficient number of Toilets, Separate for Gents/Ladies/Staff/Students. Effective arrangements are made for regular cleaning of the campus water and toilets faculties.